We cannot do everything. That is why we obtain the help of architects and designers and other stone suppliers. The world over. They assist us in quickly tracking trends and finding the best stones in various colors - hardstones as well as varieties of marble and softer limestones. We can turn a block - made of any kind of stone - into flooring, facades, counter tops, or whatever is needed.

Over the years, we have met architects with very stringent demands. This is a challenge we welcome. World-renowned architect Mario Botta, known for his state library in Dortmund, is one example. Its facade is made of Älvdal Quartzite and glass. (The German trade magazine Stein called it "a library for the 21st century", and compared the stone's vivacious vein structure makes the library comparable to a book one becomes curious about.)

Another example is the Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki, who used Älvdal Quartzite to adorn his convention center in Tokyo. This kind of co-operation gave us a taste for which we desire more of. We willingly admit that we like being included at the earliest possible stage of a project. In this way, we may be able to provide some advice about how the architect should work in order to bring out the best elements of the stone. That's something we know.

At the same time, we have also started cooperating with Swedish designers. We invite them to experience the fantastic world of stone, and to develop it together with ourselves. To discover a material that can bring both form and function into natural harmony.