We are ruthless. In order for stone to be admitted to our assortment, it must undergo a series of tests. We carry out some of these tests objectively. Outdoor stone must handle the challenges that the Swedish climate poses. Snow, ice, and road salt are only a few of the factors that the stone must tolerate. Wherever the stone comes from. Wherever in the world the supplier of stone is located, we insist that they are known and serious. That they can keep to their delivery schedules. That they do not use child labor in their quarries. We do not give an inch.

Other tests that we carry out are more subjective. And because we know that various architectural firms have the knowledge needed to judge the aesthetics of our stone, we invited in the architects SAR, SIR, and LAR. Sometimes these discussions became quiet heated as we discussed how best to link the outer and inner environment. How to bring form and function into natural harmony.

The result is what you see here. See them as a collection. Our stones are selected for their color and for the feeling with which they imbue their surroundings. Because they complement each other, in stone type as well as color and structure. They have shown us that they go well with such adjacent materials as wood, concrete, plaster, asphalt and grass. Some of them are classically timeless and more traditional. Others set the trends for the future. We always consider your opinion. And add your personal aesthetic to our experience and international network. We see to it that your ideas can be realized.

Just because a stone has been chosen for our collection does not mean that it is given a permanent place there. New kinds of stone are continually given the opportunity to show what they can do. And you are a member of the jury. Examine every stone with a critical eye. Do you think that any type of stone is missing? Contact us in such cases, and we will make sure that we get it. Or perhaps we can give you ideas about other alternatives. Express yourself. Tell us your honest opinion. Be ruthless.