Project name: The State Library
Place: Dortmund, Germany
Architect: Mario Botta
Product type: Facade slabs

Of course we are a little proud. Our stone, Älvdal Quartzite, has been put to use by a series of architects. Swedish as well as international, both well-known and not so well-known. In a range of different projects.

Take, for instance, Mario Botta and his renowned State Library in Dortmund, Germany. In this project, Älvdal Quartzite was used on the facade of the building to create the right interplay of stone, glass, and light. The German trade magazine Stein called it ´a library for the 21st century´ and asserted that the stone’s lively vein structure makes the library comparable to a book that awakens curiousity.

Mario Botta practiced as a professional draftsman before he started his studies at the Liceo Artistico in Milano, Italy. Between 1965 and 1969, he studied at the Instituto Universitario di Architecturra in Venice. During the same period, Botta was employed as an assistant to Le Corbusier, and later to Louis I. Kahn. In 1970, he opened his own architectural firm in Lugano, Switzerland.

Mario Botta’s architecture is mainly characterized by modernism. He has been strongly influenced by both Carlos Scarpa and Louis I. Kahn. Though his later work has become more and more accepting of existing external forms and influences in the design, he still maintains a philosophy of historical decisiveness in which architecture functions as a mirror of its time.

The works are characterized by a respect for topographical conditions and the regional variations, that generally assert his design, skilful craftsmanship, and geometrical order. Since he experiments with reconciling traditional architectural symbolism and the aesthetic rules of the Modernistic movement, he has often been identified with the Italian Neorationalists – Tendenaz.

Mario Botta´s works were mainly built in Switzerland during his early career, but many of his works received international acclaim. He designed the Capucin convent in Lugano, among other things, and the Craft Center in Balerna and the administrative building of the Staatsbank in Freiburg. Since the second half of the 1970s, his buildings have become more classical in both layout and vertical projection. During the 1980s, Mario Botta attained international recognition. Among other things, he designed the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, USA. They must also feel proud.