Project name: Haus Rüegg
Place: Wallisellen, Switzerland
Architects: Marcel Meili & Markus Peter
Completion: 1994
Clients: Christine and Hans Rüegg
Product type: Sandblasted pillar stone.
At first we were surprised, it must be admitted. It is not every day that a Swiss architect comes up with the idea to use stone from the North. Then we were flattered. Not least when we understood that the stone would be part of a functionalist house. It was a thought that appealed to us - the meeting between Älvdal Quartzite and concrete.

The results were imaginative and unexpected: Haus Rüegg, created by Meili & Peter.

Marcel Meili studied architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). He has lectured at a number of universities and schools, including Harvard University. Today, together with his colleague Markus Peter, Meili operates his own architectural firm, Meili & Peter. He has designed among other things the Park Hyatt Hotel in Zurich (during the period 1993-1997), the ABS Bank in Olten in 1990, and Villa Bodmer, a conference center in Switzerland.

Markus Peter studied architecture in Berlin and Winterthur. He has taught at many universities and colleges, among them the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). Since 1987, he has worked with his colleague Marcel Meili in their own firm, Meili & Peter.

When asked why they chose Älvdal Quartzite, the architects explained:

´The reason we used your stone was its color, its petrographic structure and expression as strong, heavy stone, its ability to carry heavy loads (they are under stress) and its climatic properties (age, weather and so on). We still like it quite a lot.´

And we still feel flattered.